working at Juliets


Bakers Assistant

Stop the press, the best job in town is up for grabs! Our amazing Baker, Aga, yes we have just one amazing woman who bakes all our cakes, needs an Assistant. You don’t need to be a trained baker, we need somebody who is enthusiastic, ready and willing to lean and can take direction to support our Baker in all given tasks.

Important skills you need to be able to demonstrate,

Excellent organisation

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy

Attention to detail

Able to work in a fast paced environment

Weighing and mixing cake batters, frostings and doughs

And of course, teamwork, a great communicator, passionate, forward thinking, hardworking, punctual and always having a smile! Like all the team at Juliets!

20 hours a week

Suggested timings – maybe subject to change

Monday – 10 hours

Wednesday – 5 hours

Friday – 5 hours

Interested? xxxxx

What do you think?

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